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Advantages – Creating an “apples to apples” comparison allows individuals to assess the quality of a financial product, empowering them to navigate the financial landscape confidently and independently within the framework of MiFID II.

Asset managers are encouraged to invest in high-quality products that adhere to the stringent standards of MiFID II Investor Protection while also showcasing strong performance.

A pricing strategy that entails the anticipation of both long and short positions based on distinctive product behaviour patterns.

Meet the 119 requirements of MiFID II Investor Protection as intended by the legislator, with the aim of instilling trust and confidence among investors.

The strategy is designed to anticipate price movements by taking into account the interconnections between various products.

Combining various behaviours displayed by a range of products simultaneously to achieve superior performance.

Global surveillance and unbiased evaluation of contagious and systemic factors are crucial to averting financial crises and safeguarding the economy.

  • Articles – can be read in English and French on and (Ret. 2009-2021)
  • Technology – grounded in pure, true and scientifically sound principles, allowing us to transform any financial product into easily comprehensible commodities without any bias.
  • Specifications – our behaviours take into account: Nature of the Product, Market Integrity, Market Environment, History, Any Event, Objectivity, Underlings, Product Complexity, Interaction between Components, Product Characteristics.
  • Authorities 1 – …they told me it was impossible and you present me with the solution on a silver platterMarkus Ferber Vice Chairman of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and rapporteur for the MiFID II file at the European Parliament Strasbourg 9/11/2012
  • Authorities 4 –…indicators following the same methodology, and thus compare, in a consistent manner, indicators from different samples.…European Banking Authority 8/2/2018
  • Our Technology  2009-2024
    The unique ability to convert a financial product into an easily understandable commodity, ensuring clarity and transparency. Importantly, this transformation is achieved without introducing any bias. Our objective is to provide unbiased information and insights, empowering individuals to make well-informed decisions based on objective analysis rather than subjective influences. By removing bias, we strive to promote fairness and equal access to information, allowing individuals to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and autonomy within a MiFID II context.
  • Purpose: The goal is to identify behaviours and patterns within a financial product.
  • Market: Strategies relevant for anyone invested in a financial product.
  • Mission: To produce and distribute product behaviour for investors within a MiFID II framework.
  • Philosophy: How the market perceives and tracks the interest of a financial product.
  • Objective: To employ a quality-focused approach to investing.
  • Vision: To create a securities market accessible to all.
  • Company – Track Securities Inc. (2022) 
    USA – 251 Little Falls Drive Wilmington – New Castle 19808 – 1674 Delaware.

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