Track Securities

Track Securities®

Track Behaviour
of a financial product to outperform


Investment firms to determine whether a financial instrument meets the identified needs, characteristics and objectives of the target market, ...(a) the financial instrument's risk/reward profile is consistent with the target market;

Investment firms to take into account any event that could materially affect the potential risk to the identified target market;

and 75 additional articles.

Legal Compliance MiFID II / Investor Protection

Track Securities® follows the MiFID II regime since 2011 allowing it to represent a true interpretation of the directives.

The wording, definition, meaning and context of Track Securities® product specifications and concept is 100% in line with MiFID II / Investor Protection delegated directives.

Track Securities® considers products characteristics such as future risk, contagion and systemic risk critical to Investor Protection.

Influential MiFID II Legislators and Regulators consider Track Securities® as a true solution to Investor Protection.


The recast of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is the cornerstone of post-crisis European financial markets regulation. It deals with everything from market access to regulating high frequency trading. One of the key ideas of MiFID II is to increase transparency and investor protection for both, retail and professional investors, across Europe in order to allow for smarter investment and better decisions. In this context, MiFID II will link together with other pieces of EU legislation such as the regulation for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (“PRIIPs Regulation”).


All firms providing investment services, regardless of whether they do so on the basis of inducements or fee-based, will have to fully comply with the provisions outlined in the framework of MiFID II.

1. As a general rule, all information, including marketing, communications, addressed by the investment firm to clients or potential clients shall be fair, clear and not misleading.

2. The information on financial instruments and proposed investment strategies must include appropriate guidance on and warnings of the risks associated with investments in those instruments or in respect of particular investment strategies.

3. This information shall be provided in a comprehensible form in such a manner that clients or potential clients are reasonably able to understand the nature and risks of the investment service and of the specific type of financial instrument that is being offered and, consequently, to take investment decisions on an informed basis.

4. The provisions and criteria outlined above are further specified in the framework of implementing legislation. This will lay down several specific rules on the way relevant risks of an investment service or financial instrument should be displayed in information for (potential) clients.

5. All Level II-Measures have to be approved by both the European Parliament and the European Council. Markus Ferber, MEP is leading the European Parliament’s negotiation team.

Commission Delegated Directive

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