Track Securities

Track Securities®

Track Behaviour
of a financial product to outperform

anticipation-driven models

Product Behaviour

for Asset Management and MiFID II / Investor Protection.


Based on 16 million products , 12 years processing history and a true interpretation of MiFID II / Investor Protection.


To identify behaviour and patterns in a financial product.


How the market perceives & tracks the interest of a financial product.


A quality approach to investing.

History  (Retired 2021)


Cfinancials & Nasdaq Partnership 14/11/2018

“Le vaudois Cfinancials plie bagage et s’installe a New York
pour son attractivité financière”
Agefi 4/9/2019

“Une société américaine souhaite changer le monde de la finance”
Bilan 17/2/2020 ( Cfinancials & NYSE Partnership )

“Cfinancials vise le marche asiatique”
Agefi 11/3/2020

“Cfinancials 2009-2021”